Thom Pain (based on nothing)

By Will Eno

He’s just like you, except worse. He is trying to save his life, to save your life—in that order. In his quest for salvation, he’ll stop at nothing, be distracted by nothing, except maybe a piece of lint, or the woman in the second row.

Thom Pain (based on nothing)

In Eno’s Pulitzer Prize nominated play, one man struggles to overcome the pain, isolation and past rejections of his life, along with his own fears and defenses, to achieve even the most tenuous connection with his audience.

In a monologue that is at times heartwarming, and at others heart-wrenching, Thom Pain tells us the stories of a young boy and a past love in an attempt to parse out some small meaning from his suffering life—and ours.

Performed by Dear Stone Theater Company at the Heartland Studio, July 21 -August 6, 2016.

The Cast

Thom Pain, played by Jake Baker*

The Production Team

Director: Shawn Rodriguez*
Stage Manager: Victoria Holman*
Assistant Stage Manager: Jonah White
Scenic Consultant: Laura Nicol
Lighting Designer: Jess Goings
Costume Designer: Tyler Phillips*
Dramaturge: Olivia Sweets

*Dear Stone Theater Ensemble Member

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